Terms & Conditions

When making a booking it is implied that the Hirer has read and understood all our terms and conditions which are stated below and agrees to comply and abide by the same:

Our Car Hire Charges:

Include the basic cost of hiring the car, the local Licence Fees, Road Taxes, Comprehensive Insurance for the car and our full Sovereign back up service. The extras / options are detailed below.

Additional Drivers:

Charged at £3 per day per driver with a maximum of £15 per week.


Fuel charged at current local rate. Amount supplied dependent on duration of hire.


The Car Hire Charge includes Comprehensive Insurance on your vehicle.
However an Excess is applicable. An Excess is the maximum payable by the hirer on any claim, provided the customer is driving with all the due care and attention expected, whilst the rest of the damage/claim is absorbed by the company. However, the hirer(s) can obtain a road based CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) to waive this excess completely.

The Excess is £600 on Groups A, B, K and L.
The Excess is £1000 on Groups C, M and all Heritage Models
The Excess is £1,200 on Groups E, F, N and S
The Excess is £1,500 on Groups I and J

The costs for the Road based collision excess reduction are as follows:

£7 per day for Groups A, B, K and L
£8 per day for Group Heritage
£9 per day for Group C
£10 per day for Group M
£12 per day for Groups E, F, N and S
£20 per day for Groups I and J

Please note that CDW is a discretionary option and subject to eligibility criteria and may not be available to all hirers.
However, when a vehicle is returned to the airport or collected from a hotel and CDW has been declined, a signed credit card security will be required. It is also not available on Scooter or Motorcycle rentals. Sovereign do not offer gimmicks like “Super CDW” etc.

Drivers aged 70 and above may be subject to certain restrictions, please check with us first
Child / Booster Seats: @ £4 per day.
Child Booster Pads: @ £2 per day.
Automatics: £9 per day extra.

G.S.T. (Goods and Services Tax):

In Jersey a local VAT called GST is applicable. This fortunately is still only 5% unlike our northern neighbours where it is 20% ! This applies to all our rentals and extras.

Period of Rental:

Our Number of Days (Period of Rental) runs on a 24 hour basis. This means that if you started your 2 day rental at 10.30am on a Monday, then you will be expected to return your vehicle by 10.30am on the Wednesday.

Our Island Wide Pick-up / Drop Off Service:

We can meet the hirer(s) at the airport with your car or to your hotel anywhere on the island. Alternatively we will pick you up from your hotel / campsite / harbour and bring you to our office to sign you up for your car. You can also drop off your car at the airport / campsite / at your hotel (if your hotel has parking). Minimum of 3 days hire for airport bookings, otherwise a surcharge of £10 applies. We cannot deliver or collect Scooters or Motorcycles. These can be collected and returned to and from the main depot..

Online Rates:

Our online rates are only applicable for hires that commence at least 24 hours after the time of booking. Should you require a rental immediately or on the day of making the booking itself, then contact us on the phone or walk in to any of our offices. We reserve the right to amend our rates at our discretion at any time without any notice or reason what so ever. Our online rates are strictly for bookings online and are not available for walk-in hires. Our online rates may differ from our various other rates/packages. Customers with serious motoring convictions should contact Sovereign Hire Cars before making a reservation.
Sovereign Hire Cars will make every effort to supply the vehicle of choice, but reserve the right to substitute if the original choice is unavailable.

Overnight Parking:

Sovereign offer overnight parking to hirers staying in the Havre des Pas area. This offer is not available for bookings on-line or any rental charged at online tariff. Please call for details after checking if your hotel / guest house has parking.

Contract Conditions

1. The hirer and any additional driver named on the Rental Contract (hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘the hirer’) agree to the following terms and conditions which are binding.
2. The hirer agrees to rent from Sovereign Hire Cars, Jersey (hereinafter referred to as ‘Sovereign’) the motor vehicle as described in the rental contract (hereinafter referred to as ‘the contract’) and shall acknowledge receipt of the said motor vehicle (after inspecting the same), in sound roadworthy condition, complete in every respect, except for any damage marked and noted thereon and undertakes to return it in the same condition on completion of the period of hire.
3. The hirer further undertakes to return the vehicle to Sovereign immediately should the vehicle become defective in any way or should its wheels and/or tyres sustain any kind of damage whilst in the hirers custody.
4. The hirer(s) shall not permit any other person to drive the vehicle.
5. The hirer(s) shall not carry any number of passengers in the vehicle in excess of the maximum number stated on the contract.
6. The hirer(s) shall not carry any passengers for hire or reward or profit.
7. The hirer(s) shall not drive the vehicle off road onto any beach or sand or rough terrain.
8. The hirer(s) shall monitor, maintain and check the tyre pressure, engine oil, water & coolant levels in the vehicle and shall make good any damage caused through failure or neglect to do so.
9. The hirer(s) shall be responsible for the vehicle, its safe custody and security during the duration of the contract including garaging and/or parking of the vehicle at all times and shall be responsible for payment of all parking and/or road traffic violations, fines and tickets.
10. That in the event of any accident, involving the vehicle, the hirer(s) undertakes to:
a. Inform the Jersey Police by phone;
b. Inform Sovereign by phone;
c. Not remove the vehicle from the scene of the accident, unless authorised to do so by Jersey Police;
d. Obtain full details of the other party(ies) involved, including full name, address, registration number of vehicle,
phone contact, insurance details etc.
e. Obtain details of witnesses to the accident (if any);
f. Not to admit liability for any damage to any property / vehicle or any injury to any person(s);
g. Assist Sovereign in so far as any legal or insurance claim is concerned.
11. The hirer(s) shall not permit anyone: (a). to sit on the exterior of the vehicle and (b). abuse the vehicle in any way.
The hirer(s) understand and accepts that he is responsible and liable for any/all damage to the vehicle and/or injury to persons caused whilst the vehicle is in his custody regardless of how the damage was caused, unless waived partially / wholly by the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) if applicable.
12. In the event that CDW does not apply to the contract and it has been declined either by the hirer or Sovereign, then the excess amount as shown below on the Group / Model of vehicle shall apply and the hirer(s) shall be responsible for upto that amount in respect of any repair / replacement / claim made upon Sovereign or its insurers / any loss or damage sustained by 3rd parties, in respect of the vehicle covered by the contract.
13. In the event that CDW has been opted and paid for under the contract by the hirer, then the CDW excludes any damage / loss to wheels, wheel trims, tyres, wing mirrors, any damage to the underside of the vehicle, damage to the vehicle interiors (including but not limited to cigarette burns etc.), however such damage may have been caused. Similarly CDW shall also exclude any damage/loss to the vehicle whilst it is off road.
14. In the event of any accident / damage / loss caused to the vehicle at any time must be reported to Sovereign by the hirer(s) as soon as the hirer(s) notices and becomes aware, before the vehicle is moved. Failure to do so may invalidate the CDW.
15. Sovereign have a strict no smoking policy in their vehicles. Should the vehicle be returned with evidence of smoking e.g. odour, then the hirer shall pay for valeting & de-odourising the vehicle.
16. The hirer(s) undertakes to return the vehicle to the designated return location at the time as stipulated on the contract.
17. The hirer(s) understands and accepts that failure to return the vehicle within the stipulated time will result in (a). the vehicle not being covered by insurance, (b). the hirer(s) being liable to Sovereign for a minimum of one (1) additional days hire cost and (c). any additional incidental costs incurred by Sovereign in tracing and recovering the vehicle.
18. Similar to other local car rental companies, Sovereign also has a policy which does not refund of: (a). any fuel in the vehicle upon its return and (b). the balance of any hire charges if the vehicle is returned earlier than the stipulated time/date or if the contract is terminated as hereinafter provided in conditions Nos. (19) & (23).
19. Sovereign reserve the right to terminate this contract and withdraw the vehicle from the hirer, if at any time the hirer(s) is/are in breach of any of the terms and conditions of the contract.
20. The hirer(s) shall be responsible and liable to Sovereign for any loss or damages suffered as a result of any breach of the terms and conditions of the contract by the hirer(s).
21. Where the vehicle becomes unusable for any reason which is not Sovereigns direct responsibility then Sovereign will not be responsible for refunding any balance of the vehicle hire charges already paid and will also not be obliged to provide a replacement vehicle.
22. The hirer(s) is aware that any false or misleading information given by him to Sovereign may result in a refusal of cover by Sovereigns insurers. In any such situation, the hirer(s) shall be responsible and liable to Sovereign for any losses, damages and consequences suffered by Sovereign.
23. The hirer(s) undertakes not to exceed the legal maximum prescribed limit of alcohol and to refrain from using any other illegal substance that may impair his abilities. If the hirer(s) is charged with any road traffic and/or criminal offence which is alcohol or drugs related and such charge relates to the use of the vehicle, then Sovereign reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately and recover the vehicle from the hirer(s).
24. The hirer(s) shall disclose to Sovereign any relevant information in respect of his history of accidents, insurance claims, convictions and penalty points etc.
25. In the event of any dispute on the exact interpretation of the aforesaid terms & conditions, Sovereigns discretion shall be final.